About Charles Wissinger

Charles Wissinger is a professional actor who loves history. A graduate of Ferrum College with a BA in Theatrical and Performing Arts, he has worked on stage, in films, television, and commercials. Wissinger has combined his love for acting with his love for history by researching and creating an interpretation of historical figures, from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the War of 1812 and World War II, that played significant roles in the development of the United States of America. Charles Wissinger started working in living history as a Re-enactor recreating the Second Virginia Convention where Patrick Henry  gave his famous 'Liberty or Death' speech. Since then Wissinger has expanded his repertoire to include portraying James  Madison, writer of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; Marquis de Lafayette, hero of the Revolution; Major John Andre, the British officer who convinced Benedict Arnold to change sides; Francis Scott Key,  author of the Star Spangled Banner; Edgar Allan Poe, author, poet, editor, literary critic; Benjamin Franklin Stringfellow, spy for J.E.B. Stuart and unsung hero of the Civil War; and Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of World War II. 

About Richmond Discoveries

Charles Wissinger is the Director of Operations at Richmond Discoveries. They are dedicated to faithfully telling the story of Richmond’s people. The story is both entertaining and educational with the goal that we might “imitate the virtues and avoid the errors of (our) ancestors,” as Robert E. Lee once advised. Richmond is the crown jewel of Southern cities whose influence has been national in scope. Richmond is indeed unique and Richmond Discoveries is striving to preserve those qualities that set it apart. We invite long time residents and newcomers alike to join us in preserving the rich Southern soul of Richmond. Richmond Discoveries, Inc., is a non-profit organization, founded in 1985 to provide educational and historical tours. As Richmond's oldest educational tour company we have worked with groups from literally all over the world. We wish to focus the attention of Richmond residents and those visiting the area on Richmond's magnificent historical, architectural and cultural heritage. Increased awareness will in turn aid in the preservation of this heritage.

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