20th Century Impressions

Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy is one of twelve children born to a  very poor family in Texas. At a very young age he dropped out of the  fifth grade to help support and feed the family. Often hunting for food.  This helped him become proficient with a rifle. After America was  brought into World War II, Audie wanted to put his rifling skills to  good use as a soldier. Even though he was wounded 3 times, he still  quickly rose to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Along the way he was able to  earn 33 awards including the Medal of Honor in over 9 European  Campaigns. Making him the most decorated American soldier from World War  II. Audie would write a book about his experiences called 'To Hell and  Back.' James Cagney fell in love with his courageous story and helped  Audie become an actor. Audie Murphy would go on to make 44 feature films  and even play himself in the movie based off of his own book.

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